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Turkey Pesto Roll-Ups

Turkey Pesto Roll-Ups

Every year after the winter holidays I have lots of leftovers. There is always lots of food on the table so it’s impossible to eat everything.
I think leftovers are one of the best things after any party or holiday because you can make a whole other dish with them.
The recipe presented by Dorothy is the greatest way to use turkey leftovers. I had some after the Christmas dinner (from the turkey roast) and I made her recipe of roll-ups, which as she says is actually more like a pesto pizza served rolled (which lets be honest looks much more fancy then a regular pizza. The result: soo good you want to lick your fingers. The rolls disappeared of the table in just a few minutes! This is what I call a real hit!

Bon appetite!

Source : http://www.pillsbury.com/holidays-celebrations/thanksgiving/turkey-pesto-rollups-how-to

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