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Breakfast Tortilla Cups

  My favorite meal of the day is breakfast and I cannot start the day without having something healthy, healthy and delicious, or just delicious, but either way full of energy :) I think these tortilla cups are the perfect way to start a weekend and to surprise someone with …

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Pizza Nachos

If you are out of idea for appetizers or snacks here is a great, fun idea:Pizza nachos. Wonderful for friends get-together, when you play games, watch movies or football games, this pizza nachos is delicious and easy yo make. The dough is replaces with salty tortilla¬† chips, many of us …

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Texas Chicken Tortilla Soup

I had my first tortilla soup at a Mexican restaurant and I was pleasant surprised by the mix of flavors and the chilly warming feeling I had while eating it. I accidentally found the recipe below and I thought to myself : why not try making tortilla soup at home? …

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