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Party-Pan Pizza

As this year I will host the New Year’s party, these days I have been searching for recipes that doesn’t involve lots of work preparing but will impress my friends with their simplicity and wonderful tastes. So far I know I will make as appetizers some bacon and chicken bites. …

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Chicken Biryani (Using a Rice Cooker)

  I like to taste dishes from different cuisines. I would love to have the chance to try one from each country cuisine :) I like spiced dishes and Indian cuisine is full of these. I hope I have the chance to visit India some day. But until then I …

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Tomatoes stuffed with corn

I thought to share with you guys another simple veggies based recipe. Is a great idea for a fast and low fat dinner: tomatoes stuffed with corn. It involves few ingredients and few work to do and no baking (just a little grilling for the tomatoes), so the veggies will …

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