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Pumpkin cupcakes with little slice of fondant pumpkin pie

  I have been sharing all sorts of side dish recipes so you can inspire for you Thanksgiving dinner, but did not post dessert recipes that are suitable for this special holiday. Well I think all sorts of desserts can be made for Thanksgivings but these pumpkin cupcakes are really …

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Pancetta Brussels Sprouts

  As I promise you here is another side dish ides for Thanksgiving and not only. The Pancetta Brussels sprouts will work wonderful for any family dinner. Ingredients: 1 kg Brussels sprouts 100 g chopped into little dices pancetta 2 tablespoons vinegar (sherry vinegar) 2  diced shallots ½ cup toasted …

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Turkey and Potato Pockets

  Thanksgiving is the time you should think about all the things you are thankful for in your life. At least once a year we could stop thinking about our problems and just be thankful for all the beautiful smalls or big things that surround us. The food you will …

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Spinach Gratin

Thanksgiving is coming and it is one of the most important holidays of the year. Many of you will prepare a wonderful dinner, maybe the same recipes you prepare every year and your whole family loves. But way not try something new along with the classic turkey that needs to …

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Mayonnaise Roasted Turkey

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the turkey will be again the star of the table. If you would like to do something else, and serve a moist,tender and tasty turkey then you should try cooking the Mayonnaise Roasted Turkey. Like the author said even if it sounds weird, the …

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