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Creamy sweet potato,onion and pumpkin soup

  Since I’ve been posting about pumpkin recipes, and everybody is this time of year :), I think a pumpkin soup idea would also be appropriate. This is the first time for me that I have tried to use pumpkin in a soup and I loved the result. You will …

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Oven-Baked Spiced Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato are full of nutrients and if you cook them properly you got yourself a wonderful dish. This recipe with sweet potato is very simple, I found it by accident. I thought the potatoes really look tasty and taking into account the simplicity of the recipe below and the …

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Gouda Sauce for Sweet Potato Cheese Fries

Everyone like cheese fries, deep fried potatoes served with a cheese sauce-yummy. But let’s talk a little about what contains the cheese sauce you find on stores? Full of chemicals, artificial preservatives, highly processed cheese, and how knows what else. So let’s try this healthier version of cheese sauce – …

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