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beaucoup seafood chowder

  For those of you who do not know what a chowder is, it is a stew made either with seafood or vegetables and often served with cream or milk. This one even it looks so sophisticated is extremely easy to make and extremely tasty and full of flavors. And …

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Grilled Shrimp and Lobster Gremolata

  If you are planning a special dinner for two this may help you. Is fingers licking delicious and so simple to make. Made with fresh seafood, garlic, parsley, tomatoes – definitely a dish you and your loved one will enjoy and remember. You will need: 500 g shrimps 1 …

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Grilled Mixed-Seafood Salad

  I am a big fan of seafood, or fish cooked in every way possible. I grow up in a family were we eat lot of fish dishes and since my dad has fishing as a hobby we had fish very often in our freezer. So dish salad is something …

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  Personally I did not found out about ceviche until recently when a friend of mine who was in Peru told me about it. She eat there this dish several times and convinced my to go out to a Mexican restaurant (we do not have Peru restaurant in our city …

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Classic Spanish Seafood Paella

  I first eat Paella 2 years ago in Spain, when I was in vacation in Valencia. So I can say I eat the mother of all Paellas :), since Paella is a well know Spanish traditional dish, based on rice combined with chicken, seafood, other type of meet, or …

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