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No-Bake Chocolate Eclair Dessert

Even if January is almost over, where I leave this is the fist true day of winter…is soo cold and windy outside I just want to stay in my comfy sofa, wearing my comfy pajamas and eating a delicious piece of a comfort dessert made with chocolate. Tracey, comes with …

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Tiramisu Pudding Parfaits

  Three desserts in one?? Yes, this is possible with the incredible Tiramisu pudding parfaits that will satisfy your whole family. The cookies work amazing with this parfait. In  fact everything works incredible together. So, next time you have to do a dessert, you will know what you have to …

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Cherry-Vanilla Pudding

  This pudding recipe is the best recipe ever. Not only it is deliciously good, but is also easy to make, is raw and is very very healthy. There are no animal products used and no heat is involved :) You only need a blender where you will put all …

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