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Crepes Suzette

The famous French pancakes, Crepes Suzette, make the perfect weekend late breakfast. Serve it together with your love one and it will be even more tasty :) Fist you need to prepare the crepes. For them you will need: 100 ml milk 1 egg 1 teaspoon oil 50 ml water …

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Lemon ricotta American Pancakes

You may think…what is so special at pancakes? They are easy to make and everyone eats them. Well, this is what is so special about them: everybody loves them, knows to cook them and enjoys a good pancake with a fruit sauce or the classic maple syrup. Think about the …

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Chocolate Pancake Cake

  I was searching the internet for some simple cake recipe and my eyes were taken by these very good looking chocolate pancake cake. I follow the link of the photo, I’ve started reading about the recipe and then I though…why I do not try this pancake too since is …

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