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Orange Rolls

Oranges always make my think about winter and Christmas, maybe because since I was a child Santa always brought me oranges. I believe they taste better during winter, that is way I eat as many as I can in this season and none during summer. The dessert recipe presented by …

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The Macaroon Kiss

  I have a baking session planed for this weekend and all my plans have just been turned upside down. Now all I want to do is the macaroon kiss. I just can’t believe I haven’t found these macaroon kiss cookies until now, but better later then never :) I …

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Avocado salad

Another healthy and wonderful lunch idea, easy to take away. It will be ready in no time ( no more then 15-20 minutes). You will need (for 2 servings): 1 avocado 1 orange 1 red onion 1 salad 2 tablespoons of crushed walnuts For the sauce: 4 tablespoons of olive …

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Endive salad with exotic fruits

Hello everyone! At my office we have a restaurant were we can eat daily, but they have mostly the same dishes every day so I am a little tired of eating the same thing over and over again. So at least twice a week I prefer to take with me …

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Sichuan Orange Beef

In my hometown, which is a small town, I did not had the opportunity to taste or make Chinese food, since in my childhood and adolescence there were no Chinese restaurants and not so many supermarket were you could find the necessary ingredients. Things changed when I left for college: …

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