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Pizza Omelette

Hell with cholesterol! :D This is a wonderful idea for a simple, quick and delicious breakfast or brunch idea: an omelette that looks like a pizza, and just like for any pizza you can add what topping you like. In just 15 minutes you can surprise someone or just yourself …

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Japanese Rolled Omelet

Japanese rolled omelet is also known as Tamagoyaki. They eat this dish either for breakfast or as a side dish for other meals. To make it you will need to cut the ends so a rectangular omelet remains and then just roll it away :) You can make it either …

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Spanish Omelet

One of the most common ingredients used for breakfast are the eggs and the most common way to prepare them is making an omelet. I like omelets for breakfast and I like to mix all sort of vegetables together with cheese and eggs. This omelet recipe is very tasteful and …

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