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Gratin Potato with Rosemary

I saw that lots of those who visit my blog liked the potatoes dishes. Mainly, I think, this is because they are quite easy to make, tasty and most of them are vegan friendly. This gratin potato dish is both tasty and vegan friendly :) You will need: 1 kg …

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Pears stuffed with sweet cheese (no baking recipe)

An interesting combination of tastes and flavors: pears with sweet cheese, olives, radishes, hot chili paprika… Most recipe I found for stuffed pears were with blue cheese or goat cheese and nuts, honey, etc. But this combination was more appealing to me and I was impressed by the taste. You …

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Bell Pepper salad with feta and olives

Due to the fact it has been it has been raining for 3 days and we also had a few storms with very powerful wind, there were some technical problem at the restaurant we usually eat (the one with which my company has a contract) so we need to eat …

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