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White Cheese and Chicken Lasagna

What I love about lasagna is the fact that you can cook it in endless ways. I just love cheese and dishes based on cheese, so the multiple layers of cheese you can find in all lasagnas makes my taste buds go crazy :) Until now I only tried making …

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Mini Spinach Lasagna Roll-Ups

Lasagna is a popular dish among many of us as there are multiple ways to fill it and all taste amazing, but the presentation is not always the best. These mini lasagna presented as appetizers (the star of any dinner party) is the perfect way to present the classic lasagna …

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Spinach Artichoke Lasagna Roll Ups

A wonderful idea for dinner! I made this tonight for dinner and my boyfriend, who by the way thinks that meat is mandatory in a dinner meal, was very very impressed :) So I do not think of a better recognition that this lasagna was really amazing. The spinach with …

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Easy Weeknight Ravioli Lasagna

Most of the time I get home form the office pretty late (by boyfriend and especially my dog are not very pleased :) ) and I do not have the time or the energy to stay in the kitchen and cook some elaborate dish. This I like do to during …

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Healthy Skillet Lasagna

  I never thought of the idea of deconstructed Lasagna, yet I must say it sounds really tempting! The fact that the ricotta cheese is replaced with cottage cheese is a big plus in my opinion, since I like saltier cheese, and ricotta is a too sweet for my taste. …

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spinach lasagna roll ups

I have in my kitchen some lasagna noodles for a while now, and now I have found an interesting lasagna recipe I will use them properly. :) I found this spinach lasagna recipe visiting the website below, which by the way has very interesting and delicious recipes, and I was …

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