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Asian Inspired Flat Iron Steak Recipe

  This dinner idea is inspired from a “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels book” a well known chick flick lit book and is a perfect idea for a dinner in two (in the book this dinner is prepared to her loved one). You can either make the book version with …

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Apple and Ginger Strudel with Ginger Custard

Last spring I was in a business travel in Germany, Trier and I eat the must delicious apple strudel ever. Since Germany is the homeland of strudel you can imagine how good it was :) Recently I found this recipe on Pinterest and it really remind me of the strudel …

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Dry Spiced Aloo

  If you are out of dinner ideas and you enjoy a good vegetarian dish and also Indian spiced food, then maybe you will find this worth trying. You surly have some potatoes in your kitchen, and if you love Indian food then some Indian spices will be there as …

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Chicken Biryani (Using a Rice Cooker)

  I like to taste dishes from different cuisines. I would love to have the chance to try one from each country cuisine :) I like spiced dishes and Indian cuisine is full of these. I hope I have the chance to visit India some day. But until then I …

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Sichuan Orange Beef

In my hometown, which is a small town, I did not had the opportunity to taste or make Chinese food, since in my childhood and adolescence there were no Chinese restaurants and not so many supermarket were you could find the necessary ingredients. Things changed when I left for college: …

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Three Mushroom Ginger Chicken

  I don’t know how Chinese this mushroom ginger chicken is, but it really make my think of Chinese food and what I have tasted in Chinese restaurant or fast food. Maybe this is because of the ginger-chicken combination and the fact that 3 different types of mushrooms are used: …

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