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Chocolate croissants

Nothing scream French pastry better then croissants. These are the most popular French pastry products in the whole word and everyone from all around the world has the habit to eat them for breakfast. So instead of buying croissants from your corner pastry shop why not make them in your …

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Blueberry Vanilla Cream Cheese Pie

  One of my favorite pastry shops is Paul. I just love everything they have their, beginning with the macaroons and continuing with the croissants, pies…just thinking of them makes me wanna go to Paul and buy something. But, truth been told, they are a little expensive. So,why not try …

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Coconut and Lime Macarons

  Ohh..macarons I just love love love them. They are so French, so¬† pretty, so colorful and so ridiculous delicious that I can’t ever resit them. I need to thank Blair or Chuck from Gossip Girl, because if it weren’t for them maybe I would found about them much more …

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Boeuf Bourguignon

  Let’s enjoy another French dish, Boeuf Bourguignon, do delicious that will be a pity not to try. The name is very sophisticated (it should be since is French) but the dish itself is not. You will need: 1 kg of beef cut into 5 cm cubs 1 tablespoon of …

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Beef Bourguignon

  This recipe makes my think of France, and lovely Paris…I hope I will have the change to visit it again and enjoy my latte and croissant in a beautiful French brasserie, wonder the streets of Paris and eat a lovely dinner in a cosy and romantic restaurant. Meanwhile, I …

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