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Chicken pot pie cupcakes

Who said cupcakes should only be served as a dessert with chocolate, vanilla and some other sweet ingredients? Well, they make for a perfect appetizer as well if you combine the ingredients in the right way. Take for example, these chicken pot pie cupcakes, presented by Heather: many of us …

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Pumpkin cupcakes with little slice of fondant pumpkin pie

  I have been sharing all sorts of side dish recipes so you can inspire for you Thanksgiving dinner, but did not post dessert recipes that are suitable for this special holiday. Well I think all sorts of desserts can be made for Thanksgivings but these pumpkin cupcakes are really …

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Vegan Chocolate Avocado Cupcakes

Back to the vegan recipes! After drooling over my keyboard by just thinking of that good looking Frosted Candy Bar Stuffed Cookie Cups (that I will surly make some day :D ), now it’s time for a much more healthier cupcake alternative: Vegan Chocolate Avocado Cupcakes. If after a stuffed …

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Frosted Candy Bar Stuffed Cookie Cups

This looks like a cupcake but is not actually a cupcake. Is more like a combination of candy, cookie and cupcakes with delicious vanilla frosting on top. This cupcake is like an upgraded homemade Kinder :) : a perfect cookie cupcake with a lovely vanilla frosting and a well deserved …

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Toffee Crunch Cupcake

  Who does not love cupcakes? This is the mother of all cupcakes and the only thing you will regret when you will eat them is that they will be over to soon :)From one bite you will discover the taste of caramel, coffee, toffee crunch and bits, chocolate, vanilla. …

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