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Candy bar fudge

  Christmas is coming and you can see this buy just looking around you: the shops are already full of Christmas decorations, candy, presents, you can see decoration hang on the city streets and TV commercials are Christmas related. Since time flies so fast and one month will pass extremely …

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  Another toffee recipe :) I love toffees as they make me think of Christmas and Christmas is my favorite holiday. Also they are simple to do and few ingredients are needed. So whenever I feel nostalgic about Christmas I take out a toffee recipe and start cooking :) You …

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Fluffy Sugar Cookies & Vanilla Frosting

  I know that are a few more months until Christmas but I found this incredible good looking cookies that I think are perfect for serving your family in the Christmas night and of course Santa (if you want him to leave and extra present) :) As soon as I …

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