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Healthy Skillet Lasagna

  I never thought of the idea of deconstructed Lasagna, yet I must say it sounds really tempting! The fact that the ricotta cheese is replaced with cottage cheese is a big plus in my opinion, since I like saltier cheese, and ricotta is a too sweet for my taste. …

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Zucchini Pizza Bites

Here is a great idea for a light appetizer: zucchini pizza bites. Wonderful for dinner parties, or birthdays parties, these cute appetizers will really impress your guests. With only 3 ingredients needed (zucchini, sauce and cheese) these zucchini pizza bites will be ready in no time and will be the …

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Grilled Cheese with Pears & Prosciutto Sandwich

  This grilled cheese sandwich really bow my mind! It is the great cheese sandwich I’ve ever had in my life. You need ciabatta bread, some slices of a great melty cheese, pear slices, prosciutto, butter and whole grain mustard. It will be ready in no more then 10 minutes …

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Grilled and Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers

A great idea for those who love spicy food! This stuffed jalapeno peppers recipe is easy and will not take more then 20 minutes to prepare it. You will need few ingredients and the combination of jalapenos peppers with different types of cheese (goat cheese, Parmesan and low-fat cream cheese) …

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Bacon and Pea Macaroni & Cheese

  This pasta recipe surly look delish! And it gives you a healthy alternative: you can use Geek yogurt instead of full cream, which means you will reduce a lot of calories.The fact that there are peas added, makes is more interesting and colorful. I made this recipe pasta yesterday …

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