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Pecan-Honey Butter

Is always better to make as much as we can everything we eat in our one kitchen. Butter is an ingredients, served often for breakfast and brunches so why not doing it yourself ? This recipe is a sweet pecan-honey butter, perfect to start the day in a very sweet …

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Deep Dish Peanut Butter Pie

  Lately I’ve been posting lots of vegetarian recipes and healthier versions of some classic ones. Well, I believe is time for some calories :D and a great way to begin with something sweet is a classic peanut butter pie. Well, not so classic since the crust is a really …

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  Another toffee recipe :) I love toffees as they make me think of Christmas and Christmas is my favorite holiday. Also they are simple to do and few ingredients are needed. So whenever I feel nostalgic about Christmas I take out a toffee recipe and start cooking :) You …

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Toffee crunchy

This is really a completely sinful dessert, but it’s worth every bite, especially if you make it as a holiday dessert. And let’s face it…once in a while we all need a wonderful treat :) You will need: 1 cup of sugar ΒΌ cup of water 2 stick of butter …

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