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Chocolate chip cookie dough brownies

As all of you how follow my blog, know, I love love love brownies :D As soon as I see a picture exemplifying a brownie recipe my first instinct is to click it and thanks God I did the same with this one as it is absolutely incredible. I just …

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Brownie Cupcakes with Cookies and Cream Frosting

  I have a meaningful relationship with brownies and cupcakes as well (me+brownie+cupcakes= love) :) Cupcakes and brownies as one dessert…yummy…sounds like the perfect dessert for me! And if I take into account the delicious vanilla frosting  with crushed Oreos  in it, then I believe nothing else should be said …

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New Orleans Praline Brownies

Again a brownie recipe on this blog! :D These brownies are special due to the praline frosting used in the recipe. Also for the brownie cake are used pecans instead of regular walnuts. They are dangerously good so be careful! :D   Enjoy! For more details , please visit this …

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The Most Incredible Brownies

  As I previously said brownies are my favorite dessert so you will be seeing a lot of brownies recipes posted on this blog :) I am in a constant search for  new brownies recipes and today I found one that seams pretty incredible (even the title says so :) …

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Oreo and Peanut Butter Brownie Cakes

Another brownie recipe! And be sure you will see a lot of these here, since, as I said in another post, this is my favorite dessert in the whole world :) This one is plain and simple! You will need Oreo biscuits and peanut butter for the filling and brownie …

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Raspberry Fudge Brownies

  I am a big big fan of brownies…If I had to choose a favorite dessert in the whole word brownies will be the one! And now I believe I found the perfect brownies recipe, which is absolutely PERFECT! I truly can say this are the best brownies I ever …

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