Sunrise Smoothie


As I said in a previous post I am a big fan of smoothie, especially green ones, but I do not hesitated to try other colors too :)
To be honest, the smoothie based only on fruits taste better then the green ones, but I like to think of my health too and the multiple benefits green smoothies have for my body- inside and outside.
Anyway this sunrise smoothie is pretty wonderful, healthy and vegan friendly :)
It is used vanilla almond milk combine with frozen fruits and for a much more perfect presentation it is made in two layers: one made of almond milk combine with frozen mango and pineapple and one make with almond milk combined with frozen strawberries and frozen banana. In both layer there are also added Greek non fat yogurt and honey.
After listing all the ingredients need I say more about the flavors and rich taste of the sunrise smoothie?

For more details , please visit this link were you will find all the ingredients and instructions : reciperunner

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