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Southwestern Avocado Ranch Salad

Southwestern Avocado Ranch Salad


Quick and simple like almost all salads, this avocado ranch salad is really tasty.
I am a big fan of salads and I like o try almost every single one I found on internet or in a cookbook.
This avocado ranch salad sounded really interesting to me so I’ve try it. Is a vegan salad with lots lots of vegetable used, combined with vegan mozzarella and  crushed tortilla chips that works wonderful for a lunch or a healthy snack.
So the next time you are hungry or feel like having a snack, better make a healthy salad witch only involves some chopping and some mixing and will be ready in no more then 10 minutes, and forget about the unhealthy chips, bagels and so on.

For more details , please visit this link were you will find all the ingredients and instructions : icancookthat

Source : http://produceonparade.com/southwestern-avocado-ranch-salad/

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