SnowBall Cupcakes


This week has been really hard for me at work…lots of deadlines, lots of people asked for my help and I’ve been here and there, there and here all week.
So I got thinking about conform food…I really felt the need to enjoy a good meal and a wonderful dessert which will make me feel better, even for just a moment. And what dessert could make be feel better (beside brownies) then some cupcakes? A chocolate tasty cupcake with a delicious and colorful butter cream frosting.
So I got home and I remember about these snowball cupcakes recipe I’ve found a while ago and I made a tray.
The result: some wonderful chocolate cupcakes with a delicious marshmallow frostings then really made not only my day but I manage to forgot about this tiring week!


For more details , please visit this link were you will find all the ingredients and instructions : notyourmommascookie

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