Paleo Chicken and Prawn Thai Laksa


I always like to try new recipes for me and my boyfriend, especially on week-ends when I have actually time for cooking :)
And since I cook mostly on week-end I like to try interesting combinations. That is how I found out about Laksa.
Laksa is a dish resulting from the fusion of Chinese, Thai and Malay cuisine. Basically is a spicy coconut curry soup mixed with tofu, seafood, noodles and vegetables.
The key to this recipe is to use exactly the ingredients needed, and before you start preparing it be sure you have all of them. The recipe itself is not hard to make at all and the result is delicious – the most amazing spicy coconut soup I’ve ever tasted!

Enjoy! :)

For more details , please visit this link were you will find all the ingredients and instructions : eatdrinkpaleo

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