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Kiwifruit and Mango Smoothie

Looking for a bust of energy in the morning? Smoothie is your answer.
I am a usual drinker of smoothie, especially green ones, most for the multiple benefits they have. Some of them do not taste so wonderful, but you get used with the taste, but the most I just adore. ((I tried ones to combine avocado with carrots,ginger and somthing else – unfortunate combination that I do not recommend).
This is not the case for the kiwifruit and mango smoothie which is delicious, refreshing, perfect for a summer beverage, but not only. It is full of vitamin C, A and E so is wonderful for you health as well.
Is extremely easy to make: you only need a blender and 4 ingredients- kiwi, mango, yogurt and honey (5 if you count the ice cubes) the kiwifruit and mango smoothie is the delicious bust of  energy you need to start your day with the right foot! :)


For more details , please visit this link were you will find all the ingredients and instructions : confessionsofachopinholic

Source : http://www.confessionsofachopinholic.com/2013/08/kiwifruit-and-mango-smoothie.html