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Easy Weeknight Ravioli Lasagna

Easy Weeknight Ravioli Lasagna

Most of the time I get home form the office pretty late (by boyfriend and especially my dog are not very pleased :) ) and I do not have the time or the energy to stay in the kitchen and cook some elaborate dish. This I like do to during weekends.
So I prefer to eat something that can be done quickly or something that involves no cooking. I usually eat some hummus, make myself a soup on Sunday and eat it for the next few diners, or eat some grilled vegetables, stuff like this.
I found a new interesting idea for the weeknights when I do not have the time or I do not feel like spending lot of time in the kitchen: Easy Weeknight Ravioli Lasagna.

Like the name says it is really easy to make, you need only 5-6 ingredients and it you will need only 10 minutes to prepare it. Then put it in the oven and let it make the magic :)
It surly is an interesting alternative for weeknight dinner!

For more details , please visit this link were you will find all the ingredients and instructions : alidaskitchen

Source : http://alidaskitchen.com/2013/04/11/easy-weeknight-ravioli-lasagna/