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Coconut and Lime Macarons

Coconut Lime Macarons


Ohh..macarons I just love love love them. They are so French, so  pretty, so colorful and so ridiculous delicious that I can’t ever resit them.
I need to thank Blair or Chuck from Gossip Girl, because if it weren’t for them maybe I would found about them much more later and waste a couple of years of my life without tasting the amazing macarons.
I must confess, the first time I’ve tried to make them together with my mother we only managed to get some almond biscuits, very tasty that worked wonderful with the morning cup of coffee, but no macarons :)
After a few more tries I managed to succeed in making true macarons and I was very impressed by myself. It takes patience to master the macarons recipes, at least it did for me.
The coconut and lime variant presented in the recipe below is new for me, I haven’t taste this combination yet, but I intend to surprise my friends at the next get together with this delicious little things.
Wish me luck and I if you love macarons as much as I do you should definitely try them as well! :D


For more details , please visit this link were you will find all the ingredients and instructions : sugarandsnapshots

Source : http://sugarandsnapshots.com/coconutlimemacarons/