Classic Spanish Seafood Paella



I first eat Paella 2 years ago in Spain, when I was in vacation in Valencia. So I can say I eat the mother of all Paellas :), since Paella is a well know Spanish traditional dish, based on rice combined with chicken, seafood, other type of meet, or no meet at all. The common ingredient of all Paella recipes is saffron, which gives this dish its unique taste.
After trying Paella recipes in different restaurants I have decided to make it at home for the first time.
And I want to try a classic Paella recipe based on seafood. Lucky me, I found the website below, which teaches about the origins and ingredients of Paella and also gives a classic seafood Paella recipe :)
After reading the whole article and recipe  I am convinced to try this at home because it sounds just like the first seafood Paella I had during my Spanish vacation.
I hope you will do the same!


For more details , please visit this link were you will find all the ingredients and instructions :  spicedblog

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