Chocolate Banana whole Wheat Waffles

Chocolate Banana

This weekend me and my boyfriend will celebrate our anniversary. I want us so spend a special Saturday: he will take me out in the restaurant we had our first date and then we will go to a event were our favorite DJ will put some the evening and the night will surly be wonderful for both of us.
But I want to start the day as great as it will end and I though I should prepare a special breakfast, something I do not make every morning and the perfect idea I believe is Chocolate Banana Waffles.
As the recipe says I will use whole grain flour to keep a littleĀ  my routing of healthy breakfast but for this special day I think we deserve this special treat!
I hope it will be a pleasant surprise for my boyfriend!
Wish us look on our special day :)

For more details , please visit this link were you will find all the ingredients and instructions : alidaskitchen

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