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Chicken Bacon Pasta

Chicken Bacon Pasta

I found the next pasta recipe I what to try!
Pasta was one of my first dish I’ve ever cooked. It was a time in my life when I discovered Penne Carbonara¬† and I made this recipe for all my friends who came visit me…I got to be true, both me and my friends (especially them) got tired of my Penne Carbonara :) As time went on I learn, discover more and more recipe so they always come to me expecting something new.
Well for our next get together I have a little surprise: Chicken bacon Pasta, which is very much alike Carbonara but with chicken breast, not only bacon..so big surprise for them…maybe they forgot the Carbonara taste! :D

I found the recipe for Chicken bacon Pasta on the below site and I think it looks amazing and it has to taste rich and very good.

For more details , please visit this link were you will find all the ingredients and instructions : plainchicken

Source : http://www.plainchicken.com/2011/05/chicken-bacon-pasta.html