Chicken and Asparagus Penne

chicken and asparagus penne

Cooking pasta is never boring…they are so much recipes and combination you can try: you can make it with vegetables, with meat, with red sauce or white sauce, with seafood, well with almost everything. And this is the most wonderful thing about this simple ingredient, the diversity it can be cooked.
For the next pasta dish you want to cook I propose you combine some penne with chicken, asparagus and Parmesan cheese. It is simple to make -boil the pasta, fry in a non-stick pan some chicken breast – put the asparagus, the pasta and the chicken in a pan, drizzle with some olive oil ,shred some Parmesan cheese and broil all the mixture for 5 minutes. For the full recipe, please visit goodenessgracious webiste.

Bon appetite!

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