Cheesy Garlic Bread

cheese and garlic bread

Until a few months ago I used to buy my bread but since I bought a bread making machine I love to make it. All types of bread, sweet bread with are the perfect comfort food, salty cheese ones which are wonderful for breakfast or as a side dish for any lunch or dinner. Most of them I prefer to make with whole grain flour and all sorts of seeds.
I have already posted a few of the bread recipes I have tried, like Zucchini-Banana bread, bread with Gorgonzola, with lemon and blueberries or pumpkin bread.
This one is one of my favorite recipe ever. You can find in all supermarket frozen baguettes with cheese and garlic but since they are so easy to make what not try them at home? You do not need to have a bread making machine. My grandma did not had one and made wonderful bread in the traditional oven.


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