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Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed

So, there is less than one month till Valentine’s day and I must say this is one of my favorite holidays. Maybe because its celebrates love, the most wonderful feeling in the whole world. And even if you are not in a relationship, prepare this wonderful breakfast for you and enjoy it, because you deserve it and if you do not love yourself first, you cannot love anyone else.
Is all about celebrating love, for whatever, and whoever and on grilledcheesesocial I found the perfect way to start a perfect day: a breakfast in bad made not only with love, but also with challah bread, french toast batter, butter, strawberries, Mascarpone cheese and Nutella. For the whole direction please visit grilledcheesesocial.
Just enjoy a perfect day start, whatever the occasion! :)


Source : http://www.grilledcheesesocial.com/2011/02/la-la-love-you.html

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