Bread Stuffed Chicken Shaped Cake

Bread Stuffed Chicken Shaped Cake-vert

You can use the cupcakes shapes for other dishes other then cupcakes. For example try making this stuffed chicken recipe which actually represents meatloaf cupcakes and serve them with a warm marinara sauce. The chicken meatloafs are made of ground chicken breast combined with an egg, red bell pepper, Parmesan cheese,garlic,onion, herbs that work wonderful with chicken (basil, oregano), panko and olive oil. Add some Mozzarella in the center of the formed meatloaf and bake everything. Amazing flavors!! (onĀ best-foood.blogspot you will find all the quantities and much more detailed instructions).
Serve them as an appetizer and everyone will be more in love with you and your food :)

Bon appetite!

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