Banana Cheesecake Bars with Golden Oreo Crust



A few days ago my boyfriend was craving for something sweet> I must say, I was very amazed since he doesn’t usually eat sweets.
I thought of this as a great opportunity to try something really really good, that I knew he will love and I made cheesecake (of course :D – is one of my favorite also) with bananas and golden Oreo crust!
Golden Oreo and bananas are just made for each other, that isĀ  how good they taste together.
Banana and cheesecake are another mach made in even in my opinion.
So the banana cheesecake was heavenly good :D And I have my boyfriend to testify for this :D


For more details , please visit this link were you will find all the ingredients and instructions : crazyforcrust

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