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Now I am exploring new type of cuisines and I recently began to read more about Middle Eastern food. I did not new very much about this cuisine, I’ve only tried dishes served in restaurants but never tried a recipe at home (except for hummus -one of my favorite dishes).
But recently I found the recipe for Arayes, which I found very interesting, especially due to the multiple  ways to serve it Рas a dinner, or as an appetizers and even take it with you at work and consume it as a snack food.
The pitas bread will be stuffed with a mixture of ground beef, garlic,tomato,onions, and a lots of spices, resulting the delicious Arayes. We all know that this cuisine is famous for the use of a large variety of spices.
Serve together with a bowl of homemade hummus and you will have a veritable Middle Eastern dinner!

Bon appetite!


For more details , please visit this link were you will find all the ingredients and instructions : notfromconcentrate

Source : http://notfromconcentrate.net/2013/09/arayes/