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Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies


Oreo stuffed cookies or cakes are very popular and they should be as they all taste just delicious. This is another great Oreo stuffed cookies recipe and to make it even better we are talking about chocolate chips cookies. Who wouldn’t like a giant chocolate chip cookie stuffed with a ... Read More »

Breakfast Enchiladas


Breakfast enchiladas are perfect if you need to prepare a a tasty breakfast for your whole family or friends. It has all you want from a tasty breakfast dish: ham, green onion, cheese, eggs, all wrapped in a delicious tortilla:) Like suggested on, the website where I found the ... Read More »

Spinach Quiche Cups


If you are watching your calories and searching for a healthy and gluten-free breakfast/brunch idea maybe these spinach quiche cups will inspire you. Made with fresh spinach, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese the spinach quiche presented on really taste delicious. You can eat them the next 2 days without any ... Read More »

Chicken pot pie cupcakes


Who said cupcakes should only be served as a dessert with chocolate, vanilla and some other sweet ingredients? Well, they make for a perfect appetizer as well if you combine the ingredients in the right way. Take for example, these chicken pot pie cupcakes, presented by Heather: many of us ... Read More »

Mini Apple Pies


I am a fan of apple pies and I do them very often. Next week it will be my birthday and I want to make something for my work colleagues instead of buying sweets. So I thought of making some apple pies and instead of making the big ones I ... Read More »

No-Bake Chocolate Eclair Dessert


Even if January is almost over, where I leave this is the fist true day of winter…is soo cold and windy outside I just want to stay in my comfy sofa, wearing my comfy pajamas and eating a delicious piece of a comfort dessert made with chocolate. Tracey, comes with ... Read More »

Chocolate crinkle cookies with a Rolo surprise


What is better then a delicious dessert? A delicious dessert with a delicious surprise inside :D This time I am talking about a chocolate cookie made with black cocoa with a caramel candy inside. Double pleasure and surprise for your eyes and taste buds. On you will find the ... Read More »

Chicken Rollatini with Spinach alla Parmigiana


When you gather your whole family for a Sunday dinner there is always the question of what to cook so everyone will enjoy…Well these baked chicken rolls filled with spinach, topped with ricotta cheese and tomato sauce I found on┬á may just be the perfect choice. Serve it with some ... Read More »